Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Patriots vs. Giants... In Cross Country!

It is Super Bowl week and I have decided to make my prediction based on Cross Country running.  I am only going to grade each time by position and then give them an overall team score.  Since these guys all play football and don't run Cross Country this is all very objective and meant to be slightly humorous.  However, if you disagree with my analysis I encourage you to comment.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Quarterbacks: The Pats have the edge in this one.  Although both quarterbacks are rather large men at 6'4" and around 225 lbs I just don't think Eli has what it takes to be a runner.  Similar to his older brother Peyton.  I think that Tom also is more competitive and would put more effort in even if it were something trivial to them like running cross country.

Running Backs: I think this one also goes to the Patriots.  Both teams have bruisers for running backs but the patriots seem to be less so.  Giants RB Brandon Jacobs is listed at 264.  That's huge!

Receivers: The Patriots also get the nod in the recievers category.  Wes Welker and Deion Branch would take down Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.  They are lighter which is huge in the world of running.


Kickers: Lawrence Tynes of the Giants would beat Gostkowski.  He is lighter and has been clutch in the playoffs so far.  Coming up big matters in all sports, not just Football.

Defensive Backs: The Giants D-Backs never have long returns after interceptions.  The Pats are better at returning so they will get the W in this category.

Total Scores
1. Patriots QB
2. Giants QB
3. Patriots RB
4. Giants RB
5. Patriots WR
6. Giants WR
7. Giants K
8. Patriots K
9. Patriots DB
10. Giants DB

Overall Team Scores
1. Patriots 22
2. Giants 29

Now, being a good cross country running team isn't going to translate into being a good football team.  Therefore, I change my official predictions to the Giants winning 28 to 21.  I know the above score said 22 to 29 but those scores never happen in football.  Thanks for reading!

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