Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Fun

This Sunday is the Superbowl!  Therefore, this week I have decided to do a few blogs dealing with the most popular sport in American society.  Football and track are intrinsically linked.  Track events display the base skills that football players need; speed, strength, throwing and jumping ability, and speed endurance.  Football players have long been known also as track stars.  Did you know that Heisman Winner RG3 has a third place finish at NCAA Track and Field?  He graduated from high school half way through his senior year and enrolled in Baylor early.  He wasn't scheduled to play football until the fall so he ran track.  He was the Big-12 champion and a sub-50 second 400 meter hurdler.  Below is a link to Track Superfan's list of the Best NFL Players at Track.  He compiled PRs from college and high school competitions.  It is quite interesting.  Many of these guys could compete at the professional level.  Recently, Florida Gators running back, Jeff Demps, declared that he would run track instead of play football professionally.  Jeff has run under 10 in the 100 and would be an average football player at the pro level.

Track Superfan's Lists

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